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Meditating in Backyard


Intentional yoga and meditation practices for all ages and bodies.


It’s all about bringing out the best in all human beings, creatively. Life-long learners get to express their creativity through movement, dance, drama, music, visual arts, and more! There are no limits to the imagination and creativity of an active mind—and  we want to make sure all learners have the freedom to explore and experience enriching cultural arts and creative mindfulness practices that foster a growth mindset. The learner’s interests are always considered and shape our creative exploration, as well as increase self-esteem, develop social-emotional skills that help create a solid foundation for healthy expression, mindfulness, learning,  and growth.

Hands using recording control panel


We believe that creativity knows no boundaries, and we ensure that our programs are accessible to all. By offering a wide range of healing arts modalities, we inspire a sense of creative individuality and foster community connections .

Our vision extends far beyond the local community. We envision a healthy and empowered global community, where creative value, equity, cultural enrichment, and preservation thrive within marginalized communities. We are driven by the belief that the arts have the power to transcend barriers and promote positive change on a global scale.

Through our interactive community art productions, uique experiences, and events, we actively integrate the arts into the fabric of our community. By fostering collaboration among artists, performers, educators, and other community stakeholders, we create innovative and transformative events and productions that inspire social change.

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