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Press Release

SECRET ASYLUM: an exhibition

“Madhouse” or Sanctuary? The societal systems, isms, and structures in place do not support our overall well-being and have contributed to a continued deterioration in the mental health of our community. Mental Health is a community issue not only an individual one. No one should be expected to deal with these issues alone. Healing is community work and all art forms- music, spoken word, dance, and visual arts-help to create a safe space for self-expression, healing, and healthy community building. This interactive art experience will provide a better understanding of the power of the arts and creative community-building through the arts. “Creativity, not normality, has become the paradigm of mental health”, Stephen Mitchell.

The details.....

  • SECRET ASYLUM: an exhibition featuring works of Alana DaCosta, Barry Gross, DEARDEATHXO, Addonis Parker, Krystal Terlingo, Sankofa, Naomi Hanna, Kelo, SharStar, Wyld Tree Production, and many more!

  • Exhibit Events:

    • BLACK MOON YOGA  July 16, 2023 (RSVP only and Private location in Miami Gardens) Time: 6 pm-8 pm

    • Exhibit Opening, Friday, July 21, 2023  Time: 7 pm-10 pm 

    • KR8TiVE Rebel Round Table (Private), Saturday, July 22, 2023 Time: TBA

    • Let’s Talk Africa & The Uprising Begins with U Community Worskshop August 5th, Time: 6 pm-8 pm (Closing Event)

  • WHERE: 1310 Gallery, 1310 SW 2nd Court, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312  

  • WHY: Because we need this now more than ever. Since the recent pandemic, people feel isolated, uninspired, disconnected, undervalued, and helpless. It’s time for us to tap into our creative energy, create a safe space, and inspire healing as well as healthy connection in our community, creatively.

  • RSVP HERE on Eventbrite.


Project Description:

An Immersive interactive art experience bringing awareness to Mental Health, the healing arts, and the importance of healthy community building. The exhibit will feature the works of Alana DaCosta, Barry Gross, DEARDEATHXO, Krystal Terlingo, Addonis Parker, Sankofa, various artists, art forms, and collaborative community art.

This is a FUNdraising event to kickstart the KR8TiVE Xchange Lab project. In partnership with community stakeholders, Alana DaCosta of KR8TiVE Uprising, inc. plans on converting a school bus into a pop-up (and project-based) creative lab (music, movement, and visual arts) for our community. If you are feeling generous or can't attend any of the events AND want to be part of this creative community arts initiative please make a donation by emailing or visiting our website to learn how you can help. 


This exhibition is more than about people coming to see art or being entertained by performances.  This is a Community project and we need community action! This healing experience will ignite personal growth and healthy community connection. 

The objectives of this exhibition are as follows:


1. Showcase work and performing arts that address Mental Health Awareness 

2. Creative Community Building: Healing is community work. ALL individuals (specifically BIPOC and marginalized groups) need community support during the healing process. No one should have to deal with these issues alone. 

3. Create a safe space for self-expression, healing, and healthy community building. 

4. Provide access to mental health resources with a resource booth during the event provided by local Mental Health agencies.

5. Raise funds and identify potential donors and partners for the KR8TiVE Xchange Lab (pop-up mobile interactive bus)

6. Provide an open stage for local artists during the opening event. (7/21/23)


Do you have any questions and/or are interested in being involved?  We still need volunteers, food and drink sponsors, and assistance with the installation of the show.  Email or call 786.316.7617 for more details.


🚨🚨🚨Community Call to Action: Share your perspective. Submit one or more black-and-white photo of what being well looks like in any of the 8 dimensions of wellness:

  1. Spiritual

  2. Mental/Intellectual

  3. Emotional

  4. Physical

  5. Social

  6. Financial

  7. Environmental

  8. Vocational


All black and white photos can be submitted digitally (see flyer).

We will print selected photos for the art installation in next month’s art exhibition SECRET ASYLUM! Capture your perspective and share it with the community. Side note: you do NOT need to be in the photographs. Submit your photo(s) by either scanning the QR code (red square)  or sending email it to

For more information about KR8TiVE Uprising please visit:

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