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Founder of KR8TiVE Uprising, mother of two, educator, mental health therapist, interdisciplinary artist and creative community builder, Alana started practicing various styles of yoga about 19 years ago. "Yoga allows us to be present, aware and free to simply breathe, be and notice what shows up, unapologetically. Through yoga we can learn how to align with the breath, the true self- the I am and re-define personal I am statements, “says Alana, a graduate of Howard University and Nova Southeastern University, with a B.S. in Psychology and M.S. in Mental Health Counseling. Alana also facilitates interactive healing arts sessions infused with asanas, prana exercises and incorporates the healing power of voice, sound and movement with diverse groups of all ages and backgrounds.  In 2018, Alana completed 200+ hours training in Hatha yoga and in 2016 she completed the Trauma + Mind / Body Resilience Training with Connection Coalition (CoCo), a nonprofit organization who provides evidence-based curriculum in schools, shelters, jails and other nonprofits that help children develop social emotional skills and the awareness needed to make authentic connection through yoga, mindfulness, and meditation and foster a sense of purpose and self-control, while providing messages of empowerment. Alana also works in collaboration with diverse organizations to provide access to healing modalities that calm the nervous system and allow better decision-making through the practice of yoga, sound baths, creative mindfulness and meditation. One of Alana’s missions as a creative community builder is to deepen her yoga practice to be able to better serve, create and reconnect marginalized communities through the use of the healing arts such as yoga. On April 19th, 2024. embark on our annual transformative yoga adventure for all levels. Experience BLACK MOON YOGA, a slow, intentional yoga practice aligned with your breath, body awareness, healing, intention, shadow work and the power of sound/voice. Discover personal growth and self-discovery in this supportive eco-friendly yoga experience in the land of wood and water - Jamaica. 



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BLACK MOON YOGA Adventure 2023 Recap

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