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Moringalantro (Moringa & Cilantro Powder 12 oz.)

Moringalantro (Moringa & Cilantro Powder 12 oz.)

  • A Proprietary Blend of Organic Moringa & Cilantro Powder
  • Nutrient-Rich & Detoxifying Superfood All in One
  • Moringa is a Fat Burner
  • Cilantro is a Detoxifier of Heavy Metals
  • Perfect for Healthy Weight Loss
  • Achieve Healthy Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar levels
  • Eradicate Herpes
  • Strong Anti-Inflammatory Combination
  • Powerful Immune System Support
  • Increase Energy

    Ingredients: Organic Moringa and Organic Cilantro Powder.
    Best used in hot, unsweetened almond milk teas or smoothies.

    Weight 12 oz

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